Key to our mandate is the active community of stakeholder organizations that join the CASRAI network to support its purposes of reducing admin burden and improving the quality and accessibility of admin data. Organizations join the CASRAI network to drive the direction of the data standards and to exchange ideas and solutions with their peers at other organizations who are tackling the same problems.

As an organization with a research-related mandate (funder, research-performing institution, scholarly society, professional association, statistical agency, vendor) you are an ideal candidate to join the CASRAI network if:

  • you are perceived as an important research stakeholder in your jurisdiction,
  • your research community collaborates and receives funding across multiple discipline, organizational or national boundaries,
  • your stakeholder communities expect continued leadership, innovation and efficiencies in business practice,
  • your mandate relies upon quality administrative data on the performance of research and innovation sectors from multiple sources.

To learn more about joining the CASRAI network send a request to and a member of our team will contact you.