Research data publication workflow

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Research data publication workflow

Activities and processes in a digital environment that lead to the publication of research data, associated metadata and accompanying documentation and software code on the Web. In contrast to interim or final published products, workflows are the means to curate, document, and review, and thus ensure and enhance the value of the published product. Workflows can involve both humans and machines and often humans are supported by technology as they perform steps in the workflow. Similar workflows may vary in the details depending on the research discipline, data publishing product and/or the host institution of the workflow (e.g., individual publisher/journal, institutional repository, discipline-specific repository)

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REFERENCE. Bloom T, Dallmeier-Tiessen* S, Murphy* F, Austin CC, Whyte A, Tedds J, Nurnberger A, Raymond L, Stockhause M, Vardigan M (2015 Preprint). Workflows for Research Data Publishing: Models and Key Components. International Journal on Digital Libraries, Research Data Publishing Special Issue. 27 pages, June 30, 2015.


Research data publication workflow



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