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APC Payment +A financial transaction to cover an article processing charge.  +
APC Payment/Added Costs Component +Total of any additional costs e.g. page charges, colour charges, bank charges, exchange charges.  +
APC Payment/Amount Paid +The amount that was actually paid for the open access, excluding Value Added Tax component and excluding Added Costs Component.  +
APC Payment/Correct Licence Applied +Whether the article is published under the licence you expected upon payment of the APC.  +
APC Payment/Currency +The currency of the amount paid for the APC.  +
APC Payment/Date +The date that payment leaves the institution's account. Official date in the finance system that payment was made, not the date that the item was processed in a library system or 'committed' for payment.  +
APC Payment/Licence Type +The licence the article has been published under.  +
APC Payment/Payment Adjustments +Specify whether there was a discount or waived cost on the APC that was paid to a publisher, including instances where the institution has a pre-payment or membership agreement with the publisher.  +
APC Payment/Publication Problem Description +A brief description of the problem with the publication process.  +
APC Payment/Publication Problems +Whether there were any problems with the publication process.  +
APC Payment/Source Fund(s) +The source of funding to pay the APC.  +
APC Payment/Source Grant(s) +The local grant numbers of the funding awards.  +
APC Payment/VAT Amount +The amount of VAT paid in addition to the Amount Paid.  +
Access +The continued, available for use, ongoing usability of a digital resource, retaining all qualities of authenticity, accuracy and functionality deemed to be essential for the purposes the digital material was created and/or acquired for. Users who have access can retrieve, manipulate, copy, and store copies on a wide range of hard drives and external devices.  +
Access control list +A list is used for permission matched against credentials.  +
Access controls +Given a data object name, access controls define access relationships between the following metadata: data object name, a user name (or user group, or user role), and access permission. The information can be stored as metadata information associated with each data object. The information can be generated dynamically by applying the access controls of the collection that organizes the data objects (if a collection sticky bit is turned on). RELATED TERM. Sticky bit  +
Access workflow +A type of access entity that contains the services and functions which make the data object holdings and their information content and related services visible to data consumers.  +
Accession number +Numbers used by the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) that are unique and citable.  +
Active archive +A storage location for a collection of data that is too valuable to discard, but is only accessed occasionally.  +
Active data +A "data object" which is generated dynamically by executable code, but that can be referred to and thus be cited. SYNONYM. Active collection  +
Ad hoc +Something that happens or is done only when the situation makes it necessary or desirable, rather than being arranged in advance or being part of a general plan.  +
Ad hoc testing +Testing carried out using no recognised test case design technique. A test executed without prior planning, especially if the expected test outcome is not predicted beforehand. An undocumented test. SYNONYM. Ad lib testing  +
Administration d’événements +Contribution à la planification, à l’organisation, à la coordination et à la tenue d’un événement public  +
Administration d’événements/Date de début +Date à laquelle l’événement a commencé  +
Administration d’événements/Date de fin +Date à laquelle la personne a cessé d’exercer les fonctions administratives  +
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