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This is a property of type Text.

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APC Payment +csr:APC Payment  +
APC Payment/Added Costs Component +csr:APC Payment/Added Costs Component  +
APC Payment/Amount Paid +csr:APC Payment/Amount Paid  +
APC Payment/Correct Licence Applied +csr:APC Payment/Correct Licence Applied  +
APC Payment/Currency +csr:APC Payment/Currency  +
APC Payment/Date +csr:APC Payment/Date  +
APC Payment/Licence Type +csr:APC Payment/Licence Type  +
APC Payment/Payment Adjustments +csr:APC Payment/Payment Adjustments  +
APC Payment/Publication Problem Description +csr:APC Payment/Publication Problem Description  +
APC Payment/Publication Problems +csr:APC Payment/Publication Problems  +
APC Payment/Source Fund(s) +csr:APC Payment/Source Fund(s)  +
APC Payment/Source Grant(s) +csr:APC Payment/Source Grant(s)  +
APC Payment/VAT Amount +csr:APC Payment/VAT Amount  +
Access +csr:Access  +
Access control list +csr:Access control list  +
Access controls +csr:Access controls  +
Access workflow +csr:Access workflow  +
Accession number +csr:Accession number  +
Active archive +csr:Active archive  +
Active data +csr:Active data  +
Ad hoc +csr:Ad hoc  +
Ad hoc testing +csr:Ad hoc testing  +
Administration d’événements +csr:Administration d’événements  +
Administration d’événements/Date de début +csr:Administration d’événements/Date de début  +
Administration d’événements/Date de fin +csr:Administration d’événements/Date de fin  +
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