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The CASRAI 'main namespace contains the semantic and contextual agreements reached by members of the CASRAI Network. These agreements include terms and definitions as well as the key profiles, objects, attributes, lists and list-values required to execute these stadnard agreements in common information exchanges within and between organizations.

Viewing existing terms

The dictionary contents are presented, by default, in English. Many elements have also been translated into other languages. The decision on whether or not to translate elements into added languages is made by those CASRAI standards projects that require the added language.

All terms can be viewed by using the links below:

EN (English)
FN (French)

Modifying an existing term

Each term has an Edit with form tab. Click this tab in order to edit that page's information. Note that some pages show information that is derived from other pages, so they may be shown when viewing that page's content but appear blank on the form. Values that are derived from other pages can be overridden by setting that field to another value.


Content language

Definitions currently exist in both English and French. On each definition page, under the Translation header, there are links to navigate to a parallel definition in another language. For example, the page:

EN (English)

has the following parallel definition page in French:

FN (French)

User language

Some of the headers displayed on content pages are localized. They will be translated into English or French, based on the user's preference. There are very few messages that are translated into any language. For example:

EN (English)
FN (French)
ES (Spanish)

Viewing and modifying header translations

A list of all CASRAI-specific translations can be viewed on this page. To see the message keys for all messages in use on a certain page, use the qqx language. For example:


Within every base page, there may be a number of Subpages. For example, a base page of Type "Object" will usually have subpages of Type "Attribute". Every base page will list its own subpages under the Subpages header. For example, the Citizenship is a base page, which lists the following subpages:

  1. Citizenship/Applied for Permanent Residency
  2. Citizenship/Citizenship Type
  3. Citizenship/Country
  4. Citizenship/Start Date

Every subpage contains a link at the top, which allows the user to navigate to that subpage's base page.