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This page contains information and links intended to assist administrators of the wiki.

Logging in

The login page is at Special:Userlogin.


Information about Terms, geared toward readers and editors, can be found at Help:Terms. The following information is intended specifically for admins:

Adding a new term

Adding a base page

Use the input below to add a new base page:


Adding a subpage

To add a subpage to an existing base page, navigate to that base page. Under the Add a new term header, there is an input that allows adding a new subpage. (This feature is currently hidden)

Renaming a term

General documentation about renaming a page can be found here. Note that it may take a few minutes for the wiki to update itself properly following a term rename.


Note that when renaming a term, any links to that term from other pages (such as Profiles) will continue to display the old term, though they may redirect to the new term page. To avoid this, navigate to any terms that you'd like to change (including subpages) and click What links here. That will generate a list of all pages in the wiki that link to the current term. Note those links so that they can be manually adjusted after the rename is complete.

Rename a term in English by clicking Page tools > Move. Be sure that the box labeled: Move subpages (up to 100) is checked.

Translated term

To rename a translated term:

  1. Navigate to the translated term that you wish to rename.
  2. Follow the instructions for renaming an English term (above).
  3. Navigate to the English base page (which is the master page) for this term.
  4. Click Page tools > Edit with form.
  5. In the Translation section, find the field with the title of the base page that you just renamed. Change this to the new name.
  6. Click Save page.


Drafts can be added in the same way as regular Terms. Follow the instructions at #Adding a new term, but when entering information into the form, ensure that the "Draft" checkbox is checked.

Drafts are added to all the "normal" categories, such as Category:Terms or Category:Objects, but also are added to the special Drafts category, which lists all Drafts.

Promoting drafts

To promote a draft into a standard term, edit the page (with a form) and uncheck the "Draft" checkbox.


We are using the Flow comment system on all talk pages for the Main namespace. All registered users have the ability to post comments.

Flow topics can be deleted, hidden or locked by an admin. A list of all pages with Flow comments can be seen here.

Admin portal

The portal where admins plan out new features for the wiki can be found at Project:Portal. A list of all pages related to the project can be seen here.

All sites

The wikifarm contains 3 sites. The following are links to the Main Pages of all three (including this one):

External links

General MediaWiki help can be found here.