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This section of the CASRAI dictionary is a pilot to demonstrate the value of a dedicated set of terms for the Research Data Domain. Each term has a unique identifier (UUID) and a URL that can be used as references to enhance reading comprehension of documents by hyperlinking terms to their definition. The URL for each term contains a link to a "Discussion" page to complete the feedback loop with the community of users. If you navigate to other sections of the dictionary you can return to this pilot section using the top-menu item "Filter by" and selecting "Research Data Domain." To see all terms in the CASRAI dictionary (including the RDC terms), go here:

The Glossary has been developed in consultation with vocabulary experts and practitioners from a wide cross-section of stakeholder groups. It is meant to be a practical reference for individuals and working groups concerned with the improvement of research data management, and as a meeting place for further discussion and development of terms. The aim is to create a stable and sustainably governed glossary of community accepted terms and definitions, and to keep it relevant by maintaining it as a ‘living document’ that is updated when necessary.

In addition to direct comments on specific terms in the Glossary we are very interested in receiving your feedback about the Glossary in general. Please complete this short survey:

This section of the dictionary is developed and maintained by Research Data Canada's (RDC) Standards & Interoperability Committee ( in collaboration with CASRAI. It is made publicly available under a Creative Commons Attribution Only license (CC-BY).

NOTE: You are invited to participate in open peer review of 69 new terms to be added to the glossary. The deadline for receiving comments is July 10, 2017. Following completion this cycle of peer review, the glossary will be published as the International Research Data Management glossary (IRiDiuM) under the auspices of CASRAI and CODATA. You can learn more here:

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